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Tommy Shek

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Tom Shek is the consulting partner. His area of focus has been financial statement preparation and reporting for public and privately held companies. He has extensive experience in dealing with complex accounting treatments such as stock-based compensation (ASC 718), derivative accounting (ASC 815), convertible debts and warrants (ASC 470), revenue recognition (ASC 606), and mergers & acquisitions (ASC 805). In addition to his knowledge of SEC financial reporting, he has been an advisor for the process of initial public offering, public debt offerings and capital raises through debt, and equity transactions for his clients.

The Tommy Shek Grant

Are you interested in obtaining a grant to pursue your higher education? If yes, then look no further. Tommy Shek is thrill to extend his initial grant to one bright student with an exceptional academic track record. For instance, The most deserving and talented candidate will receive a one-time grant award of $1,000 for pursuing his/her undergraduate degree. Interest parties should apply for Tommy Shek’s grant, and continue to pursue the dreams of a highly rewarding professional life.

The Tommy Shek Grant website extends a warm welcome to bright and dedicated students seeking to defray the high cost of tuition. The grant is a valuable resource for undergraduate students seeking supplemental funding.


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Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek

About the Tommy Shek Grant

Students hoping to enroll for university studies in 2023 may also apply for the Tommy Shek Grant. Also, He will make certain that these students will have an equal opportunity to win the $1,000 award. In other words, The Tommy Shek Grant is design as a way for all deserving students to achieve equal financial opportunity.

The Tommy Shek Grant – Details

Eligibility for Applicants:
Must be citizens or legal residents of the USA.
Must be admitted and studying at any accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school in the US.
Applications must be receive by Feb 20, 2023.

Application Procedure
Firstly, All applicants must submit a high-quality and original essay base on the topic:
“Describe a moment in your life or background story that has shaped you into who you are today”

The following details must accompany the essay:

Full name of the applicant
Mailing address
Email address
Phone number
Name of accredited public or private US based university
Scheduled date of graduation
Current GPA
After that, Essay must be submitted along with details noted above via MSWord to info@tommyshekgrant.com

Winner Selection & Award Disbursement

The winner of the Tommy Shek Grant will be declare on 28th Feb 2023 at tommyshekgrant.com
In addition, the winning applicant will be informed via email issued by the office of Tommy.
Finally, Winner will need to confirm receipt of the email intimation and acceptance of the grant to enable the funding of the grant.


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