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Tommy Shek- 12 Things Successful People Never Waste Their Time On

I was reading an article before about what failed entrepreneurs do on their free time. And, for obvious reasons, it wasn’t a list I could ever relate to says Tommy Shek. But here’s one I can. Successful people don’t waste their time on these 12 things either.

Here are 12 things successful people never waste their time with:

1. Social Media –

If you’re on social media, it should be to build a business and make sales. It’s not a place to post pointless updates describing your feelings or gossip about other people.

2. Fad Diets –

You know those diets that are all the rage for 2 days? Well those aren’t going to help you lose weight long term, so don’t waste time on them.

3. News Sites –

I read something recently where someone said they got their news from Facebook and Twitter…yeah right! And since when do we get our news from social media sites anyway? Come on! That’s not how it works folks, so turn off the TV news too because it really doesn’t matter if some celebrity got arrested or the Kardashians threw a party.

4. Toxic People –

Far too often we meet people and we think, “Oh they’re cool.” But after a little while you realize that the relationship isn’t going anywhere and either is your friendship with them. So don’t waste time engaging in relationships with toxic people explains Tommy Shek. Let ’em go!

5. Excuses –

Excuses are just that: excuses for us to fail at something. It’s an easy way out and it won’t get you any success (or happiness) but only more failure.

6. Taking things personally –

We all know people who take everything as a personal attack on them or their character, don’t we? Well those people aren’t going to get very far in life because you can’t live your life depending on how others feel about you.

7. Waiting for the “perfect” time –

If there will ever be a perfect time, it will never happen. Why? Because we’ll always face some obstacle or barrier that we won’t think we’re ready for and we’ll use it as an excuse not to do something. Instead of waiting for the perfect time just start now! And realize that along the way you’re going to have some obstacles and barriers but those are just stepping stones towards success anyways.

8. Not taking action –

This is probably one of the best reasons why people fail at achieving their goals or dreams: they don’t take action says Tommy Shek. They might start something but they don’t see it through to the end which unintentionally sends them on a downward spiral towards failure.

9. Disconnecting from the world –

We live in an exciting time where technology is always delivering us with new ways to connect with others, so why would you want to disconnect from that? Make sure you’re always networking and staying up-to-date with what’s going on around you! Why be disconnected when you can be plugged in!

10. Staying “average” –

I hear people all time saying that they wouldn’t change anything about their lives because “they’re just average.” Well if that’s what you’d like to call your life then go ahead. But I call anything that’s average a waste of time. Just be real with yourself and look at what you would like to achieve, then go out and do it!

11. Not being grateful –

 Successful people take the time to think about all they have going for them and they say “thank you.” They’re thankful for their family, friends, and opportunities and never take things for granted. So don’t sit around not being grateful; start counting your blessings because we all have them.

12. Getting caught up in the past –

It’s over; let it go! Don’t get caught up in regrets or constantly thinking about how much better things was before (because they weren’t). It’s called the past for a reason so doesn’t hold on to it.


After taking action, you’ll learn that all of these things listed above are just excuses why we fail to follow our dreams and goals explains Tommy Shek. But once you take the necessary steps like facing your fears, asking for help, etc. it will make all the difference in the world! Successful people don’t let anything hold them back because they know there’s always a way around it if they’re willing to do what needs to be done. Never ever give up on yourself or your dreams!

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